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Welcome to the BGSU Journalism Alumni Professional Mentor Program! The purpose of the program is to establish a relationship between our journalism majors and our successful alumni.

Students are given the opportunity to be paired with a mentor once they become a journalism major and declare their specialization in the broadcast, print or public relations sequence. This usually happens in the middle or end of their sophomore year when they successfully complete JOUR 200, Introduction to Journalistic Writing, and meet the GPA requirement.

This is when your professional relationship with the student begins. Once you are contacted by the student, it is up to the two of you to decide how you want to proceed. Here are some suggestions on ways that you could mentor your student:

  • Provide opportunities to shadow you on the job
  • Help establish links for internship opportunities
  • Provide feedback on work produced in journalism classes (please do not do so until you are certain the student has received a grade for the assignment)
  • Establish regular phone or email conversations to talk about the progress your student is making and offer suggestions
  • Provide suggestions for an effective resume and portfolio
  • Offer feedback on resume and portfolio
  • Conduct mock interviews prior to internship and job interviews
  • Invite student to professional meetings (such as PRSA and SPJ) and other networking functions
  • Provide contact and job lead information
  • Be a “sounding board” for your student as he/she establishes career goals

These are only suggestions for an effective mentorship. Again, you have the flexibility to provide any type of mentoring that you feel will benefit the student.

To help us assess the mentor program, you will occasionally receive a very brief evaluation questionnaire about the mentor program. We will ask for information on how you are mentoring your student so that we can generate a more complete list of mentoring ideas to share with all our participating alumni.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or (419) 372-2077. Thank you again for being a BGSU Journalism Alumni Mentor.

Jim Foust , Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Journalism

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